Common Things About Dental Implants

Replacing missing tooth with a dental implant is a real option many American’s have to decide upon.  If you get a tooth extracted…do you get it replaced with a dental implant?  Many people must start to think about implant cost and whether or not they can afford it or not.  Regardless if they can or not, it would be the best option for the patient.

The main reason to replace the tooth with an implant is b/c if you do not, the adjacent teeth will start to shift in order to fill the extraction site.  This of course, will cause your bite to be office and many other permanent tooth loss problems.  But for some people affording this cosmetic dentist procedure isn’t always an option due to budget.  The good news is you have other options where you could get a partial or a dental bridge.

 How long have dental implants been around?

Many people think dental implants are something that are new.  Fortunately this is not a new technology in dentistry and been around for decades.   How implants work is they are first placed within the gum line. Then, the patient waits 3–6 months so they can heal in order to make sure that the implant fuses properly to the jaw bone.  After the implants have healed, the custom crown, bridge, or dentures can be placed. After this placement (unlike traditional dentures or bridges) the solution is much stronger and long lasting, giving you the confident smile you desire.Dental implant

As with most dental procedures, dental implants with to help with any questions you may have and give us a chance to create a custom-tailored plan that best meets your needs.

Watch this short video on dental implants:

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